Parks Canada

  • Sunshine Village Crown Lease Agreement (administered by Parks Canada)
  • Parks Canada Ski Area Management Guidelines (PDF download)
  • Parks Canada Agency Act (PDF, 79 KB)
  • Canada National Parks Act (PDF, 544 KB)
  • Department of Canadian Heritage Act (PDF, 36 KB)
  • Species at Risk Act (PDF, 507 KB)
  • National Parks Wilderness Area Declaration Regulations (PDF, 18 KB)
  • National Parks Aircraft Access Regulations (PDF, 30 KB)
  • National Parks Building Regulations (PDF, 40 KB)
  • National Parks Businesses Regulations (PDF, 30 KB)
  • National Parks Domestic Animals Regulations (PDF, 33 KB)
  • National Parks Fire Protection Regulations (PDF, 29 KB)
  • National Parks Fishing Regulations (PDF, 120 KB)
  • National Parks Garbage Regulations (PDF, 57 KB)
  • National Parks General Regulations (PDF, 54 KB)
  • National Parks Highway Traffic Regulations (PDF, 50 KB)
  • National Parks Lease and Licence of Occupation Regulations (PDF, 95 KB)
  • National Parks Signs Regulations (PDF, 36 KB)
  • National Parks Water and Sewer Regulations (PDF, 72 KB)
  • National Parks Wildlife Regulations (PDF, 40 KB)

Sunshine Village Corp. v. Canada (Parks), 2004 FCA 166, [2004] 3 F.C.R. 600

Government of Alberta

Government of British Columbia

British Columbia provincial parks and protected areas are governed by the following Consolidated Acts and Regulations:

Sunshine Village is a ski resort operating on leased public protected land in Canada's Banff National Park. Sunshine Village Watch Promotes Worker Rights, Workplace and Public Safety, Environmental Protection, Regulatory Transparency and Increased Scrutiny of Sunshine Village Ski Resort Operations in Banff National Park. and Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park (UNESCO World Heritage Sites).


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